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Antalya Bicycle System: Antbis
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Antbis (Antalya Bicycle System) Project of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality which is planned to promote the use of bicycle in the city center came to testing phase. 

The first bike station of the project which was set up in front of the Metropolitan Municipality was tested with 5 five test bikes and the electronic control unit.

At the end of the project which is funded by West Mediterranean Development Agency, there will be 6 bike stations at the different points of the city and the citizens will be able to rent bikes by using credit carts or Antbis membership cards.

The Secretary General of  Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Prof. Dr. Mehmet AKTEKİN stated that the number of bikes and stations will increase and besides the station near municipality there will be new bike stations at Doğu Garajı District, Muratpaşa Mosque, Türkan Saylan’s Statue ( Konyaaltı Street), Provincial Directorate Building of Health (İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü) and Konyaaltı Town Square.

The bike stations will be recorded by 3 cameras that run 24 hours of the day so that all of the actions at the stations can be watched from a center. The project is planned to be operated as of February and the citizens of Antalya will be able to rent bikes by using their credit cards or Antbis membership cards. The town council of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will determine the bike rental fees.

The citizens who want to take detailed information about Antbis Project may send their questions to .

Date of the News :  07 Ocak 2014 Salı
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